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Beautiful Custom Designs that are Uniquely You

It’s what we do.

From cozy cabins in the woods, peaceful mountain studios, and playful guest cottages, to luxurious coastal estates, cutting-edge urban condos, and unique businesses, custom modern residential and boutique architecture are our passion and specialty.

Our process is highly collaborativeexplorative, and creative, and we take extra care to craft spaces that are beautiful, functional, and true to you, giving you the highest return on value. Our designs are driven by your specific needs and the special features of your property, which means the end result isn't necessarily a traditional style, but a living and livable piece of art - a symbol of its people, place, and time that is intimately connected to you and its surrounding environment.

With projects in Washington, California, and Hawaii, we love all things Pacific Coast, though we’re always open to taking on special projects of all kinds around the country.


Complimentary consultations

Ready to build a new home? Planning a major remodel but don’t know where to start? Our award-winning team is here to help. Tell us about your project and we’ll offer you a thoughtful proposal describing exactly how we’ll bring your dream to life.



High-Performance, Healthy Homes that are Uniquely EVIA

It’s our commitment to you and our future.

Do you want to live in a healthy, sustainable home but not sure how to make it happen? We’ve got you! We push the limits of high performance, sustainable design, so both you and the world thrive for generations to come. All new construction (including renovations to existing structures) deserves to be high-quality, low-maintenance, and most importantly, healthy, without sacrificing beautiful design. We set performance goals for all new projects so your home cares for you and your family in the best way possible, long into the future.

Daylighting + Thermal Analysis studies developed in partnership with Integral Group for a Net-Zero, Off-Grid, regenerative residence.

Daylighting + Thermal Analysis studies developed in partnership with Integral Group for a Net-Zero, Off-Grid, regenerative residence.

We believe in creating architecture that enriches the lives of its inhabitants, community, and environment, and nothing less.

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Featured Current Projects


100% off-grid, closed-system, passive design Recreation Center in Hawaii.

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Project Types:

  • New Homes ❤

  • Major Remodels + Additions

  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

  • Multifamily and Mixed-Use Buildings

  • Boutique Commercial Tenant Improvements

  • Unique Projects for Great Clients! ❤

Services Include:

  • Site Evaluation + Feasibility

  • Strategic Development Planning

  • Master Planning + Subdivisions

  • Architectural Design, 3D Modeling, + Visualizations

  • Sustainability Research + Benchmarking

  • Project Management

  • Construction Documents

  • Entitlements + Permits

  • Client Representation

  • Construction Administration

  • Post-Occupancy Consultation


Meet the EVIA Studio Team:

We're a diverse team of collaborative, curious, and ambitious creative professionals pushing the boundaries of our practice. Our dedication to leadership, transparency, communication, and growth ensures we pass on the best of our collective expertise you, our clients, throughout each new project.


(P.S. - we’re growing! Visit the careers page for more info)

“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims. ”



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