EVIA Studio is a new, research-based architecture and consulting firm in Silicon Valley specializing in contextually sensitivestory-rich, future-minded custom residences, multifamily, and mixed-use developments. In true Silicon Valley spirit, we practice more like a burgeoning start-up than your typical architecture firm, with big goals and a rebel spirit.

Our team operates in a completely virtual practice, and we're looking for unique, ambitious, visionary indivuals to join as part-time independent contractors with potential to take on long-term, significant roles in the company as we grow and evolve.  We are lucky to have some very exciting projects on the boards, so this is a fantastic opportunity to push yourself and find your place as an architect in a role offering tremendous flexibility, leadership, and diverse experiences throughout all traditional phases of a project (plus some not-so-traditional ones; we're breaking the mold and inventing new processes to offer unique value to our clients).


The following roles are currently open:

  • Part-time contract, flexible, remote work
  • Design, Visualization, Research, Storytelling
  • 3+ years, Revit, Adobe, SketchUp, +others
  • Opportunity to direct design and concept development
  • Potential for role to evolve (full-time, leadership, etc.)

Oops! We just hired for this position, but will be hiring again soon!
In the meantime, feel free to apply as a Wildcard.


  • Part-time contract, flexible, remote work
  • Coordination, Creative Detailing, Code Review, Construction Docs + Administration
  • 10+ years, Revit, BlueBeam (generally tech savvy)
  • Tackle constructibility of complex, high-end design and integrate practical applications of latest AEC trends in research into new projects
  • Potential for role to evolve (full-time, leadership, etc.)

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As a young and growing firm, we're always interested in working with passionate professionals. We value creativity, curiosity, craft, collaboration, and communication and we're interested in broadening our team beyond architects and designers. We'd love to hear from experts in engineering, art, writing, science, development, and beyond!

If you like what we're doing and can offer a unique perspective to our team, we'd love to hear from you! Send us a letter of interest, CV, and work sample to team@eviastudio.com with the subject "Wildcard" for consideration.