What is EVIA?

EVIA is a new architect-led research, design, and development firm specializing in contextually sensitive, story-rich, and future-minded residential and mixed-use building construction.

Meaningful connection is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we're focused on integration; integration inherently yields interconnection. We are a team of expert innovators, collaborators, and leaders - professionals who listen, ask questions, document clearly, and deliver timeless, beautiful design that is true to you and your personal story.





In the spirit of our name, EVIA is a diverse, multifaceted company with specialized parts that work together to serve the needs of many. Our three main facets are EVIA Labs, the Studio, and the Nexus, which work together seamlessly to address current and future issues facing our industry, individual projects, and society as a whole. EVIA’s sum is greater than its parts; our collective group of experts are dedicated to providing more high-quality, high-performance, sustainable, equitable, healthy homes for the Pacific Coast and beyond.



We are Building Scientists. It is our mission to relentlessly pursue the best methods to create our built environment. We study and test the vast resources available to us, from the latest cutting edge technologies to the age old wisdom of our natural environment. We then use these findings to inform our next build, putting them to the test in the studio. 

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We are Architectural Storytellers. Our team of interdisciplinary professionals bridges building science, architecture, engineering, and art to design integrated, living micro-worlds that tell the story of you, community, place, and time in single family homes, multifamily developments, mixed-use projects, and more. We craft the details and build stages that elevate your everyday life.

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We are Evolving Our Environments. We embrace open architecture and believe shared intelligence accelerates innovation and growth in both business and design. We're building a platform for designers, engineers, scientists, artists, and community members to share their expertise and tackle the most pressing issues facing our built environment.