Residential Clients


Meaningful, Contextual Design

From little cabins, rural studios, and playful guest cottages to the ultimate in luxurious new homes, all things single-family residential are our passion and specialty. Our process is highly collaborative, explorative, and creative, and we take extra care to craft spaces that are beautiful, functional, healthy, and true to you and your site. Our designs are strongly driven by your specific needs and the significant features of your property and location, which means the end result isn't necessarily a specific style, but rather a living and livable piece of art - a symbol of people, place, and time that is intimately connected with its surrounding environment.

From Concept Through Move-In

As an integrated design practice, we prefer to work with you from your first inklings of an idea through (and beyond!) the day you move in. This allows us to offer you our most robust, proactive, and well-rounded services. But as advisers and professional consultants, we are also happy to step in to help you during key moments of your project to ensure your final result is a cherished treasure.

Above and Beyond the Standard

We believe in offering you tremendous value and meaningful keepsakes as a minimum standard (because you shouldn't have to pay extra for the good stuff!). In doing so, EVIA's process and offerings are intentionally quite different than most architecture and design professionals out there. Our clients cherish these personal takeaways, and we love offering so much more than a set of plans. Reach out today to learn more about our unique offerings and higher-level of service.

Let's Tell Your Story

We’re excited to tell your story with your next project. Wondering where to start? A complimentary consultation with EVIA's Studio Founder + Director will get you going in the right direction.


Custom Homes
Additions + Major Remodels
Accessory Dwelling Units
+ Creative, Flexible Spaces



Real Estate Developers


Small to Mid-Size Multi-family Design and Management

Are you developing an exciting new multi-family or mixed-use property? Our team at EVIA has extensive experience managing the feasibility studies, market research, design, documentation, entitlements, consultant team coordination, and construction administration of beautiful new developments that engage communities, enhance neighborhoods, and attract peak interest from potential tenants.

Ensuring Public and Private Support

We know well that the zoning and permit approvals process can be a significant challenge with long, drawn-out timelines. Our team has a strong track-record for working proactively with city staff to streamline the approvals process and garner public buy-in.

With Quality, Value, and Impact for You and Your Tenants 

EVIA's designs not only offer inviting private and public benefits, but also creatively take advantage of density and height bonuses to build maximized sellable area without compromising quality or style. In fact, we pride ourselves in giving our multi-family projects the same attention to detail, privacy, amenities, and unique story development as we would a single-family residence. For the community, this means valuable, vibrant, personal housing options. For you, the developer, this means high-demand and unique marketing opportunities to sell at a premium.

If you're looking for the right design and management team for your small to mid-size multi-family project, consider EVIA! We'd love to hear from you.


Low to Mid-Rise
Multifamily + Mixed-Use
+ more!




Project Consulting + Specialized Support

Our team enjoys variety and sharing our resources allows us the opportunity to leverage our experience and process to enhance your exciting projects! We often work with other architects, designers, and engineers, offering seamless support in contracts, scheduling, design, visualization, presentations, entitlements, permitting, and overall project management. We believe in open communication, collaboration, and integration, and welcome opportunities to lend a hand with your workload. We're a flexible, accountable team which makes plugging in where you need us most simple. By bridging our expertise and available hands, we look forward to taking on larger, more complex projects together. 

Business Operations, Strategy, + Leadership Consulting

In addition to project-level consulting, EVIA offers excellent business development and leadership consulting. EVIA's Founder, Leah Alissa Bayer, is an award-winning business leader with a fantastic track record in business management, strategy, and growth, with over 10 years of experience in diverse industries. She truly enjoys helping others create their best business infrastructure in order to free up architects and designers to do what they love most: design! Leah truly believes we are stronger as an industry if we elevate and champion one another. 

Doing Better, Together

EVIA offers overall business review, advising, development and implementation of operations, strategic planning, branding, contracts, financial analysis, leadership development, and collaboration-enhancing systems/technology recommendations. 


Business and Project Consulting